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About Brand Zero Naturals

So much of what we use these days is covered in or made of plastic, and most of it is thrown away after just one use. More than 270 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year - and around 98% of single-use plastic ends up in landfill or in the ocean.
Brand Zero Naturals was founded in response to the growing problem of plastic waste and unnecessary packaging, as well as to the harmful ingredients found in most modern skin- and haircare products.
I've always made creams and essential oil blends for friends and family and during the recent lockdown people were experiencing enormous skin problems, particularly in their hands, from increased hand washing and sanitisers. Hospitals were appealing for people to donate hand creams to their staff. I created a fundraiser to supply 25ml pots of my beeswax skin balms to as many nurses and carers as possible. So far Brand Zero Naturals has sent out at least 650 pots of soothing beeswax balms to nurses and carers across the Stroud area. 
These soothing balms have also been extremely popular at markets and online. Everyone is in need of some skin healing.
Another very popular product is the moisturising face lotion, with its antioxidant hawthorn & horse chestnut blend. There is also a range of bath oils, massage oils, shampoo bars, organic handmade soaps - in real life, the shop smells incredible!
Everything we make and sell is 100% natural, sustainable and ethically sourced. Our packaging is all compostable and eco-friendly. You will never find a Brand Zero Naturals product made of or covered in plastic.
As well as the items available on this site, we offer a range of bespoke aromatherapy blends in creams, balms, bath oils, massage oils and mood sprays. 
I hope you enjoy this site and these products. If there is anything else you would like to see sold here, please get in touch with me at
Sasha Evans 
Brand Zero Naturals