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Nurses & Carers Fundraiser

UPDATE: 20 May 2020 I recently received a small grant from the Rotary Club of Stroud, with which I made a further 50 pots of cream and distributed to community nurses in Stroud and Gloucester. That brings the total up to more than 620 pots of hand cream made and delivered to nurses and carers in and around Stroud. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!

Fundraising for ingredients to supply free hand creams to nurses and carers. Please donate here.

Story: I recently donated a few dozen pots of 100% natural beeswax hand salve to some nurses at Stroud Hospital, and immediately received quite a few requests from other wards, as well as from care homes, for more.

So many nurses and carers say they are suffering from terrible red-raw hands at the end of a shift, especially now with all the extra hand sanitiser and harsh soap. Meanwhile, people who try this pure and natural beeswax salve say it really goes a long way in soothing painful skin.

I would love to make and distribute as much as is needed or wanted, but as a *very* new start-up I simply can't afford to give away as much as I'd like. So I started this fundraiser to raise money to make and distribute hand salves for free to nurses and carers. There's been an amazing response and so far I have made and distributed more than 550 pots of hand salve! 

We've received so many grateful messages from nurses and carers, and I've been told that not only does this balm genuinely help with painful hands, the gift also really helps raise morale on the wards in these dangerous and difficult times. 

It's a small, simple but effective way to show how much we care. If you would like to help, please donate here.

Sasha Evans, Brand Zero Naturals

💕 "Massive thank-you to Brand Zero Naturals! These Hand Balms smell absolutely divine! The workers receiving these will be tickled pink!"
"We would like to say a huge thank you to Brand Zero for our lovely lavender & geranium hand balms. They smell absolutely incredible & are very soothing 🥰"
"Love it, been using it all shift and it smells amazing!"
"Thanks, much appreciated, gorgeous product"
"Thank you so much, smells wonderful and much needed on our dry hands"
"We nurses would like to say a huge thank you to you and the people of Stroud who crowd funded for us to have these beautiful smelling organic and luxurious feeling hand creams!